You should have been there! This fish was huge...it must have been the size of Moby Dick. I told the captain that we needed a bigger boat. For 3 days this fish and I fought. Just when someone got their camera the line snapped. You should have seen the size of this fish that got away! 4Reel!!!

Now that is a reel story! A story about the one that got away.

4Reel is a place where anglers get to tell reel stories. For real? Maybe. Maybe not.

Actually we are striving to be much more than a place where anglers embellish their truths. Our desire it become a community of anglers with the objectives to Promote, Inpsire, Educate, and Respect (PIER) the waters and marine life. Along with our partners we stand on PIER principles.

PIER promotes water-related activities (4Reel promotes fishing!). PIER inspires people to experience the beauty and serenity of being on the water (4Reel inspires people to fish!) PIER provides education in various forms. (4Reel talks about fishing!). PIER wants everyone to respect all bodies of water! Fishing serves as our PIER platform. While we promote fishing, many experienced anglers will probably say that it is more than just fishing. There is something spiritual, peaceful, majestic about being on or near a body of water. Someone who has been seasick may disagree! Our partner-brand, Relation Ships Yacht Charters, uses yachting/boating as its PIER platform.

Our website is still evolving as we are adding more content and functionality. If you are an angler, beginner or experienced, have a desire to fish; or a fishing boat owner and want to list your boat availability send us an email info@4reel.org.

What's on the line:

2019August 19

4th Annual Friend-Ship Excursion for jumbo black sea bass and porgies aboard the Fin Chsaser II out of Montauk, NY. Check out our gallery for pics from a previous trip aboard the Fin Chaser II.


Possibly heading to Maryland/Virginia for some fishing.


Let's see...